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About Us

kwai strives to provide unique, single-use tableware for every occasion. Our simple production process is low energy, low input, and low emission—ecologically sound from beginning to end.

We pay attention to our customers’ needs, from product design to quality in the production process. In this way, we create modern products that enhance any gathering, from formal meals to family picnics.

And from our ecologically sustainable business practices to our socially responsible relationships with manufacturers, we pay attention to the broader vision that makes kwai unique.

Sustainably Sourced

kwai is not only about creating a natural and contemporary product; it is about the entire process.

Our producers are an integral part of how we do business. We are regularly on site in their communities to ensure the highest labor standards and practices in the crafting of our products.

kwai’s producers have helped to create fair-wage employment opportunities, while creating a sustainable, modern, one-of-a-kind product for you to enjoy. While we work toward a model in which the producers are true stakeholders in our success, much of kwai’s profits will be reinvested in our manufacturing partners’ communities.

Together, we are creating a better business model for a fragile planet.